Zender Multiple Payment Gateway Plugin v1.1


In this release, we have fixed the providers template file issue. Latest update can be downloaded from your codecanyon account.

Update Guide

  • Upload the contents of Update/1.0 to 1.1/ and overwrite existing files.
  • It's done!

Changelog v1.1

  • Fixed providers template file bug

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    UNEP-PROMOTORA 31 August 2021 11:55
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    Friend, how can I send unlimited sms, use the operator plan, and it has a limit, it doesn't arrive as messages, what do you indicate?

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      bambo 31 August 2021 15:11
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      Hi, can you please explain further? If the network carriers in your country has limitations for sending messages, we can't do anything about it because it's in the network level.

      If you want to send many messages, we recommend using multiple sim cards and just spin the messages to prevent getting blocked because of spamming. The random interval feature will come handy in these situations.

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    Khalidmayson 31 August 2021 16:36
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    With this new plugin does stripe have capture or subscribe method of payment, because i want my clients to subscribe and keep paying monthly not just once .. and they have to pay manually each time .. this is the concept of SaaS .. software as service subscription, not each time manual payment. 

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    arjiadinar 1 September 2021 18:49
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    cant download and dont have button download

    i am holder extended licence and login by envato account


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